Mecal Pubquiz

Welcome to the MECAL Quiz!

For team captains:

From 19:30 the team captain can register his team on our digital pub quiz website. After registration, the team captain will receive an email with a personal link where the team captain can log in and fill in the answers.
(Check your spam folder if necessary).
Note: Only the team captain can log in and fill in the answers.


For all quizzers:

The livestream with the quiz can be found on our YouTube channel. The livestream will go live at 19:30 and at 20:00 our Quizmaster Tom will give a short explanation and ask his first question.


Tips for a successful remote quiz:

  • Use your favourite application (MS Teams, Skype, Discord, WhatsApp etc.) to consult with each other. YouTube streams may not run exactly in sync. So wait a while before discussing until everyone has heard the question. (If you are very behind with your stream, refresh the page/stream.)
  • It is possible that someone shares the stream/his screen via meeting software. However, we often notice that there are problems with sound or image. We therefore advise against this.
  • Don’t search for answers! It is sometimes very tempting to quickly google for an answer that is on the tip of your tongue. But it’s more fun for yourself, your teammates and your opponents if they can rely on an honest afternoon of quizzing!